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A New Hope 

Dear Depression,

Thank you for coming into my life and changing my initiative about some things. You played a great role in helping me understand myself and what I can gain from solitude.

I still thank you for the times you made me understand someone’s feelings. Thank you for the times you made me realize how much pain someone can go through with depression. No! I’ll never see someone nursing depression and think they are acting silly. I understand their plight and I can feel the taunt they suffer from you from a distance.

You showed me how strong I can be. But I have to say this “your time is up!” You were a good friend, so I thought until I knew you were a fiend in disguise.

You know, I have suffered enough sleepless nights where I contemplate my life. I am tired of soiling my pillows with tears of the silent cry from the pain.

Enough of the cuts I make to let the frustration out. Enough of the overdose that turned to an addiction. Enough of making me ignore the people that loves me.

Like a lover who is stressed out of their partner hurt, I stand my ground ready to let go of you completely. I know you might see this as a joke and think I can’t do without you. Well, now I know that is the lie you have always used to tie me down and blind me from the truth.

I can do without you! I have opened up to a friend you made me loathe so much. I let Him in and I gave Him the keys. Even though I never wanted to hear His name(all thanks to you), I have found love and true solace in Him.

I’m fine now and I don’t need your help. Not like I found an escape route once again, but this time, I found a comfort zone, a place of true peace and tranquility.

I saw you raising your head and peeping in a while ago. I felt I should let you in. But then I recall the keys were not with me.

Just today, I saw you pass by. You hardly give up on your victim huh? I’m glad to say this “You can’t get this victim back!” Mount up your forces and come against me with all your might, I’m not scared neither bothered. My heart has been renewed from nursing fear.

Now I can open up to love again. I can love those two love me without any ought. I know I will find someone who will look beyond the scars and hurts that you left behind and all your lies of “no one can love you like this” will be buried in truth.

I know it’s hard to say ‘goodbye’ but with all my heart and all I have I say it out loud “Goodbye Depression!”
I don’t hope to have you around ever again!

Your former lover Fikayomi



A believer who sees life in another dimension. I think more than I write. I write because I love to write and I hope to see a smile on every face.

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