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Let It Go 


My little niece picked up an almost empty tin of jam and ran away with it. In a bid to stop her from consuming the little in the tin, her mum showed her the new and full one and stretched it to her maybe she will release it but she held on to it and started crying for the new one without letting go of the other one.

As I laughed at her, it dawned on me that we are sometimes like my niece running helter skelter with our troubles, holding on to it even when God says *”let it go”*

Most times we hold on to past pain, anger, setbacks and what have you and we keep praying for a Change while we can’t still let go of the former in our hearts.

You might have been wondering why you have what you desire at sight but can’t get a hold of it, God is calling out to you and asking you to let go of what you’re holding on to to have a better one.

You can’t mix old wine with the new, it will only mess up both and make it of no use.
See, *”There is no place of greatness for anyone who doesn’t strives to improve.*

What is it that you have been holding on to for so long?

It’s time to let go and pick up a better one that God is pointing you to.

Let it go!




A believer who sees life in another dimension. I think more than I write. I write because I love to write and I hope to see a smile on every face.

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