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Suicidal Needs Your Help

Have you ever heard someone say “I feel like committing suicide?” I know your response will be “what’s my business with that? It’s your life go and do as you please”.

I’ve heard so many blames on suicidals . We see them as people who are heartless, mad, stupid, demonic or even possessed.
Maybe they are, maybe they’re not, we can only tell if we are in their shoes.

Listening to people who attempted suicide, it was terrible for them. They had so many things in consideration, but that was the only solution and way of escape they could think of at that moment. They had gotten to the peak, they had lost the taste of what it means to live. They were frustrated and depressed. Suicide was an option, an escape route. In fact, the best option for them!

Do you know committing suicide is not just a decision one takes in 24hours? It is a decision one takes after many years of hardship, suffering, hunger, loneliness, pain, neglect, etc., as the case may be.
But, I still find it difficult to blame them sometimes. When they were craving for help, care and attention, when they needed the “don’t give up” words, and a little assurance that “everything will be okay”. When they needed a smile and someone to encourage them, no one was ready to help, no one was available. We were all busy with a thing or the other. Now the deed is done and we are all set to apportion blame. We are all ready to point them as hell bond.Probably they were reclusive, but even if they’d open up about their predicaments, would you have cared?

Suicidals are wicked, heartless and it’s a foolish decision to commit suicide, I know! But do you know how many smiling faces are depressed within? Do you even care to know? Do you know how many lives you would have saved if you had just given them your “little” attention to see beyond that smiling face and know that something is wrong?
People commit suicide because they know so little about themselves, thy have no idea what and who they were meant to be in Christ, but who is ready to shed the light of truth to them?

Instead of blaming those who are gone, can we just apply that same energy, intelligence and time to help and encourage those who are still alive and might be contemplating on giving it up and throwing in the towel completely?
I know with the current situation of the country, you care less about others but that little attention, that little care, the little act of love, those few words of encouragement can change minds. They can reverse that action, they can heal a broken soul and make a wounded heart stop bleeding.

We ignore these facts and apportion blames on the victims.
People nursing depression will NEVER talk about it for fear of what I don’t know…
But if everyone is observant of their neighbors enough, we can always see it in their face and in their actions.
Let us stop trying to fix what isn’t broken and concentrate on what’s beneficial for humanity (love and care).

Always demonstrate kindness to everyone around you(Maybe we always expect a pay back that’s why we find it hard to help others in our own little way).
See it as an opportunity and a necessity to help. We are meant to help each other.
May God help us to be there for each other and save all those who are downcast in spirit..

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A believer who sees life in another dimension. I think more than I write. I write because I love to write and I hope to see a smile on every face.

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