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Save A Child

You stared at that scar again
You’ve always observed it with so much gaze
“What could have caused you a visible scar in such a place?”
You asked
I only smiled in reply

You walked closer to feel it this time
“It’s smooth to the touch” you said
“But how come with such a scar that’s so bold beside your eyes?
Maybe it’s a bacteria or a form of skin infection” you concluded
“I don’t really know” I retorted

But all the while I kept staring at you
Images flashing through my mind like a thriller through you
“You had asked who took what you kept here?”
I told you the truth but you refuse to believe
Yes I do steal cause you hardly feed me
Though I was truthful with you this time but you failed to believe me

In no time, the turning stick became your lance
You used it on me like you were piercing a piece of wood;
More like you were beating an object without feelings.
I wailed and groaned under your lock as you continued mercilessly.
That wasn’t your first time,
But this time you smacked me more gruesomely.
At that moment,
I wished I was with my mum and not with you.

How would I forget going to school the following day;
With my right eye swollen, bruised and black
I could barely see what was beside me save I made a turn
The hoot of a coming car made me freeze
I thought I’d looked carefully enough
But my sight was very poor;
That car almost hit me down but you never knew.

I was just six,
But the picture still sticks
It seems like yesterday, though it’s seventeen years now.
I smiled at your touch on that scar you caused many years ago
I wish you knew the truth about it
I wish you have cared enough to be kind to me
I wish you never maltreated me causing me such pernicious physical and emotional pain
I wish you took me as your daughter and not a mere niece.

To someone out there,
You might have a child in your care
A child you abuse verbally and domestically
The pain you inflict on them makes them shattered
It leaves a lasting scar; not just on their skin, but on their mind.
You might forget;
Of which you’ll eventually do
But that child would never forget
You might see them as nothing today,
But will eventually need them for something important again.

Treat every child right
Every child has a right to be happy and no child is more important than the other.
In Anything you do to a child,
Don’t abuse them in anyway
Let’s save the future of every child from being traumatized

Say no to domestic violence!



A believer who sees life in another dimension. I think more than I write. I write because I love to write and I hope to see a smile on every face.

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