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A Note To My Future 

Dear Future,

I know you are fine and patiently waiting for me. I’m eager to meet you too. I have heard a lot about you and I really want to experience it too.

It’s been a tough battle with your brothers Past and Present. Past was hard on me and Present is taunting me here trying to look over my head to know what I’m writing. He even told me not to write you. You know, he’s always here with me.

It took me a long while to overcome the pain your brother Past caused me. I was hurt and broken for so long until Present found me and helped reformed my life. Past made me believe you are even more wicked than him. He said you will always bring me back to him. He kept trying to convince me that you are of no good and there is no reason to wait and look forward to you.

The day Present your other brother found me and loosed me from the grip of Past was the greatest. I know Present must have told you about it ’cause he once told me you two see each other regularly. He helped me with the pain I had from Past, but he always make mention of my mistakes, making me feel guilty.

He always reminds me I’m crazy and tells me I will still go back to his brother Past because of my stubbornness. I hate it when he says so, but sometimes, I think he’s right. I let Past deal hard with me and its affecting me seriously.

They said I must work with Present carefully before I can enjoy my stay with you. They told me to hold on and always believe you will be beautiful. I’m still trying to imagine what you’ll be like and I’m trying my very best to believe you are beautiful and different from your brothers.
I have been praying for you. Though sometimes these four friends of Present named Fear, Laziness, Procrastination and Doubt always make me feel like I don’t worth you. They say I’m doing just fine with Present and there is no need to work with Present to make you beautiful.

There is this other friend too, they call him Intimidation. He always scares me and tell me I can’t attain a good height like others. He makes me feel like an idiot, always reminding me of my shortcomings. He always frustrates my little progress and make it seem like nothing. They are all making my relationship with Present unbearable, but the thought of you makes me persevere.

I think about you always Future. I think about the new, different life I’ll have with you. I think about the change inherent in you and I keep hoping you’ll be beautiful, really beautiful and make me forget my pain. I have so many things in mind I wished to write to you, but Present has been taunting me making me forget what I had in mind to write to you. Forgive the grammatical errors in this letter, he caused it.

I believe you are beautiful. I believe I’ll be able to relate better with you after the long, tiring relationship I had with your brothers before I’ll meet you. It feels good writing to you and I hope you’ll remain beautiful for me?

Till I meet you, please continue to be good and don’t change except you are different from what everyone pose you to be. Keep my gifts intact for me and stuck it with every great thing I’ll need.

Your Admirer, Fikayomi



A believer who sees life in another dimension. I think more than I write. I write because I love to write and I hope to see a smile on every face.

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