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The Outcast

The thought of being an illegitimate child made his family cast him away. They thought to kill him, but eavesdropping about the plot, he ran away and became an outcast.

He was in another land for many years, but while he was there, he learnt to fight and always believed in his God.
Though he played around with the people in the town of his hideout, he never allowed their ideology get into his head. He was determined to make it without his father’s wealth.

He got involved in everything that could profit him and soon his name was heard all over, Even to those who plot to kill him. He was great, honest and did well in everything.

Soon there was a war in his home town, they have tried every possible way to win. They sent spies to find out their enemies weak point, but they didn’t find a clue on how to overcome them.

Now they recall a strong man whose tidings of greatness was all over the earth. “Jephthah is one of us, how can we leave him as an outcast and languish in this battle? Let us search for him and bring him back home at once.”

Jephthah son of Gilead was with his friends in his hideout when some men walked up to him. They delivered the message of the elders from his town. He felt like torturing them, but that wasn’t in his nature. He had grown to be kind-hearted, he  couldn’t try that. He agreed to come back home the following day. He bade them farewell and went in too seek the consent of his God.

“How many times do we jump into an idea or offer before seeking God’s face and what His will is about an issue?” See what grace we often forfeit, when we try to do things our way and leave God out of the box. We then call on Him when everything goes wrong, knowing fully well we never sought His face about the issue in the first place.

Jephthah was given a go ahead and an assurance of victory.

I wished he never made a vow, but that was the best he could think of to honour This Supreme Being.

Jephthah an outcast became the most sought after.The outcast saved the land! The outcast ruled over those who cast him out for six years!
In life we all have our shortcomings, it doesn’t matter if you were cast out by your own family and you became a thing of reproach to your friends, Don’t worry. Just keep up with the faith and never stop believing in God.

Learn to do more and strive to learn more.

Let God see your readiness and never relent in well doing.

When we are in pain or trials, we easily say things that would have been better left unsaid. We make vows of what we will do if our request are being granted, but how many of us remembered what we said?

God will still grant you victory without your vow. He is not a god that should be appeased with a promise. My God doesn’t do trade by batter.

Leave it all to Him and let Him have His way.

Never write yourself off when God is opening another chapter.

Rejection can take a hard toll on anyone, but don’t allow it get the best of you.

You have a better heritage.

See it! 

Believe it  and live it!



A believer who sees life in another dimension. I think more than I write. I write because I love to write and I hope to see a smile on every face.

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