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Give Your Broken Heart To Him

Dear one with a broken heart,I won’t bother to ask you “how are you?” cause I already know you’ll answer with the universal lie “I’m fine.” How have you been coping with the hurt? The pain seems to have had a hard toll on you. You don’t understand YOU and you wish someone out there could figure it out and help you with your ‘mess’ like you fondly call it.Too bad no one could notice. We are all too busy with a thing or the other.
I saw your smile and I saw the pain beneath it, I know a plastic smile when I see one. But I was really introspective at that moment and I decided to ignore you. I’ve been trying to get you out of my mind, but the thought of what you might be going through pushed me to write. The thought of “no one cares weigh you down.”

You are not the only weird one my dear one. There are so many people going through tough times and hurt like you. Do you know how I got to figure out your fake smile? I was there before!

The moment I decided to let go and allowed myself to understand my pain was meant to happen for a reason and there is a Friend who cares; that moment became my moment of breakthrough. I realized that I was blinded by my pain to let him into my life. By and by my broken heart was fixed gradually by Him.

Don’t be surprised if you never get help or solace from that therapy or those pills. Don’t let it weigh you down when those you trust to stand by you let you down. It had to be like that; they must always fail, but one true friend will stand by you forever if you let him.

He might have found you and tried to befriend you, but you think he is an enigma and you keep ignoring him. My dear, it’s time for you to be fixed. It’s time for you to be relieved. Allow him into your life.

This Friend is Jesus! Yes Jesus, that far away Friend. Will you give Him a chance? Fix a date with Him and give Him the privilege to fix and mend you. He is ready to pick every shreds and mend you up in a way you can’t imagine. He cares for you dear one and He hates to see you like this.

I told Him about you and I guess He woke the impulse to write to you. Someone is calling and ready to mingle with you. I know your doubts, but give it a try and see for yourself.

I want you to always remember, I care for you and He cares for you more!

Someone who cares, Fikayomi.



A believer who sees life in another dimension. I think more than I write. I write because I love to write and I hope to see a smile on every face.

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