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A Note To My Future 

Dear Future,

I know you are fine and patiently waiting for me. I’m eager to meet you too. I have heard a lot about you and I really want to experience it too.

It’s been a tough battle with your brothers Past and Present. Past was hard on me and Present is taunting me here trying to look over my head to know what I’m writing. He even told me not to write you. You know, he’s always here with me.

It took me a long while to overcome the pain your brother Past caused me. I was hurt and broken for so long until Present found me and helped reformed my life. Past made me believe you are even more wicked than him. He said you will always bring me back to him. He kept trying to convince me that you are of no good and there is no reason to wait and look forward to you.

The day Present your other brother found me and loosed me from the grip of Past was the greatest. I know Present must have told you about it ’cause he once told me you two see each other regularly. He helped me with the pain I had from Past, but he always make mention of my mistakes, making me feel guilty.

He always reminds me I’m crazy and tells me I will still go back to his brother Past because of my stubbornness. I hate it when he says so, but sometimes, I think he’s right. I let Past deal hard with me and its affecting me seriously.

They said I must work with Present carefully before I can enjoy my stay with you. They told me to hold on and always believe you will be beautiful. I’m still trying to imagine what you’ll be like and I’m trying my very best to believe you are beautiful and different from your brothers.
I have been praying for you. Though sometimes these four friends of Present named Fear, Laziness, Procrastination and Doubt always make me feel like I don’t worth you. They say I’m doing just fine with Present and there is no need to work with Present to make you beautiful.

There is this other friend too, they call him Intimidation. He always scares me and tell me I can’t attain a good height like others. He makes me feel like an idiot, always reminding me of my shortcomings. He always frustrates my little progress and make it seem like nothing. They are all making my relationship with Present unbearable, but the thought of you makes me persevere.

I think about you always Future. I think about the new, different life I’ll have with you. I think about the change inherent in you and I keep hoping you’ll be beautiful, really beautiful and make me forget my pain. I have so many things in mind I wished to write to you, but Present has been taunting me making me forget what I had in mind to write to you. Forgive the grammatical errors in this letter, he caused it.

I believe you are beautiful. I believe I’ll be able to relate better with you after the long, tiring relationship I had with your brothers before I’ll meet you. It feels good writing to you and I hope you’ll remain beautiful for me?

Till I meet you, please continue to be good and don’t change except you are different from what everyone pose you to be. Keep my gifts intact for me and stuck it with every great thing I’ll need.

Your Admirer, Fikayomi


A Prayer Away 

They’re moments in life When we feel empty and lost

Our hearts fails to trust 

Even our maker who cares for us

Our pain and trials seem to mock

And our faith  in God is lost.
We sit alone in the dark

Maybe the pain will subside

We ask ourselves questions

Questions without solutions

We are broken within

And no one can redeem

That heart that has been seared.
We keep hoping for a change

Crying and wailing alone

God seems to be far away 

Leaving us to our painful fate

We are blinded by the storms 

That was meant to make us strong
“Behind that frowning providence God hides a smiling face”  But we can’t see beneath that frown

That frown that hurts so much

How much longer will I hold on? You ask

When will the miracle ever come?You crave

You are not alone dear one

We are all faced with pain in tons

And had been broken before 

That God that seems far away 

Is near

That pain was meant to teach

And make us strong to persevere 

You were never alone 

He is always here with you.
Arise from the dark 

And let the Lord shine His light 

Look beyond that fear 

Somehow you’ll see God’s smile
Dear Lord I pray,

When our pain and odds seems to get the best of us

Remind us Lord;

That you are a prayer away

Help us to see beyond our pain. Even as we experience your revival again.


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The Outcast

The thought of being an illegitimate child made his family cast him away. They thought to kill him, but eavesdropping about the plot, he ran away and became an outcast.

He was in another land for many years, but while he was there, he learnt to fight and always believed in his God.
Though he played around with the people in the town of his hideout, he never allowed their ideology get into his head. He was determined to make it without his father’s wealth.

He got involved in everything that could profit him and soon his name was heard all over, Even to those who plot to kill him. He was great, honest and did well in everything.

Soon there was a war in his home town, they have tried every possible way to win. They sent spies to find out their enemies weak point, but they didn’t find a clue on how to overcome them.

Now they recall a strong man whose tidings of greatness was all over the earth. “Jephthah is one of us, how can we leave him as an outcast and languish in this battle? Let us search for him and bring him back home at once.”

Jephthah son of Gilead was with his friends in his hideout when some men walked up to him. They delivered the message of the elders from his town. He felt like torturing them, but that wasn’t in his nature. He had grown to be kind-hearted, he  couldn’t try that. He agreed to come back home the following day. He bade them farewell and went in too seek the consent of his God.

“How many times do we jump into an idea or offer before seeking God’s face and what His will is about an issue?” See what grace we often forfeit, when we try to do things our way and leave God out of the box. We then call on Him when everything goes wrong, knowing fully well we never sought His face about the issue in the first place.

Jephthah was given a go ahead and an assurance of victory.

I wished he never made a vow, but that was the best he could think of to honour This Supreme Being.

Jephthah an outcast became the most sought after.The outcast saved the land! The outcast ruled over those who cast him out for six years!
In life we all have our shortcomings, it doesn’t matter if you were cast out by your own family and you became a thing of reproach to your friends, Don’t worry. Just keep up with the faith and never stop believing in God.

Learn to do more and strive to learn more.

Let God see your readiness and never relent in well doing.

When we are in pain or trials, we easily say things that would have been better left unsaid. We make vows of what we will do if our request are being granted, but how many of us remembered what we said?

God will still grant you victory without your vow. He is not a god that should be appeased with a promise. My God doesn’t do trade by batter.

Leave it all to Him and let Him have His way.

Never write yourself off when God is opening another chapter.

Rejection can take a hard toll on anyone, but don’t allow it get the best of you.

You have a better heritage.

See it! 

Believe it  and live it!

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Give Your Broken Heart To Him

Dear one with a broken heart,I won’t bother to ask you “how are you?” cause I already know you’ll answer with the universal lie “I’m fine.” How have you been coping with the hurt? The pain seems to have had a hard toll on you. You don’t understand YOU and you wish someone out there could figure it out and help you with your ‘mess’ like you fondly call it.Too bad no one could notice. We are all too busy with a thing or the other.
I saw your smile and I saw the pain beneath it, I know a plastic smile when I see one. But I was really introspective at that moment and I decided to ignore you. I’ve been trying to get you out of my mind, but the thought of what you might be going through pushed me to write. The thought of “no one cares weigh you down.”

You are not the only weird one my dear one. There are so many people going through tough times and hurt like you. Do you know how I got to figure out your fake smile? I was there before!

The moment I decided to let go and allowed myself to understand my pain was meant to happen for a reason and there is a Friend who cares; that moment became my moment of breakthrough. I realized that I was blinded by my pain to let him into my life. By and by my broken heart was fixed gradually by Him.

Don’t be surprised if you never get help or solace from that therapy or those pills. Don’t let it weigh you down when those you trust to stand by you let you down. It had to be like that; they must always fail, but one true friend will stand by you forever if you let him.

He might have found you and tried to befriend you, but you think he is an enigma and you keep ignoring him. My dear, it’s time for you to be fixed. It’s time for you to be relieved. Allow him into your life.

This Friend is Jesus! Yes Jesus, that far away Friend. Will you give Him a chance? Fix a date with Him and give Him the privilege to fix and mend you. He is ready to pick every shreds and mend you up in a way you can’t imagine. He cares for you dear one and He hates to see you like this.

I told Him about you and I guess He woke the impulse to write to you. Someone is calling and ready to mingle with you. I know your doubts, but give it a try and see for yourself.

I want you to always remember, I care for you and He cares for you more!

Someone who cares, Fikayomi.

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Tribute To A Martyr

You had woke up with much euphoria to your daily routine that Saturday morning.

You quickly woke up the kids to the family altar for the early morning devotion.

It was great and Spirit filled as usual.

You picked your megaphone to set out to your early morning Evangelism like you do every morning save Sundays.
You felt strange; like something was pulling you back. But you refused to let any feelings stop you.

“What shall separate me from the love of Christ?” You said to encourage yourself.

Your husband bade you to stay home today “Mojisola mi, why don’t you stay back today. You know how the security around here is?”

But you were unrelenting. You had heard him say those words over and over again and you won’t let him stop you! “Not today!” You exclaimed.
Your kids watched you as you closed the gate. You had already told the older ones to take care of the younger ones when the day breaks fully. “I will soon be back.” you said.

Stepping out to the street you soon forgot all those feelings. You stepped out with the hope of winning more souls through the Word of God.

You walked pass empty shops and closed doors. You preached the gospel into the air believing someone will hear in their closet.
You soon made a turn to that area where you were once forbidden to preach. But “the earth is the Lord and the fullness thereof” and “if the Lord be for me, who can be against me” helped you to move on.

You sighted those men coming closer; whispering in their dialect as they came boldly beside you.

They reminded you of the warning “stop preaching here!” They confronted you why you were so stubborn. They spoke vehemently against you.
You were not sure if arguing with them was the best thing to do at that moment. Or maybe pleading with them will do you good.

Then you sighted the weapons with them. 

Your mind immediately told you to run. But your prowess of running was abated by child bearing.

They soon caught up with you in ease. It didn’t take them much effort.
They kicked you to the floor; slapped you and laughed at you.

One brought out his machete; flinging it in the air and bringing it down and hitting your legs real hard! 

You moaned and screamed the name of Jesus! You tried to plead with them one more time; but it fell on their deaf ears.

The other one had brought out his axe. “Oh my God! Why do I have to die in this gruesome way!” You groaned in pain and fear. 

Now they had used their weapons to butcher many parts of your body.
You were helpless and drenched in your own blood. No one was passing by. The day was just breaking. Probably they were scared and none dared to step out.
Eyes shut with blood; you recalled the story of Stephen. That Martyr that was stoned to death.

“Is this what it means to be persecuted for righteousness sake?” You asked within hoping someone would hear and give you answers. 

You did a last minute self evaluation to be sure if you had truly kept your feet in the right path.

You thought deep to be sure no guile will be found in you. You smiled in pain when you recalled the day you got saved.

You groaned in pain as you felt the pangs of pain from the cuts. 
“I have fought a good fight; I have finished the race. Into your hands I commit my soul” you said in a mix of thoughts.

You remembered your husband warning that morning and every other day.

You thought about your kids especially the last born. “I wished I knew that was the last time I’ll see them, I would have told them how much I love them and encourage them not to lose sight of the hope in Christ.”

But it’s too late you thought as you felt some people running helter skelter.

You thought about the pain every other Martyr felt before they breathe their last. 

You felt you heard your husband voice and you smiled as you inhaled the very last breath and went home to glory. 
How often we see and hear of murder. It could be me and it could be you who is next in line.

It could happen to anyone. But how prepared are you?

Mrs Mojisola Eunice Elisha didn’t think that Saturday morning cry will be her last.

What are we living for?

It’s time to wake up and follow the path of life so if our soul is being required of us, we will be found blameless before God. 
R. I. P to everyone who died a Martyr!!!