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Be Optimistic And Determined

Joseph is a very good friend of mine. When I first heard about him, I really didn’t understand why he was so persistent about his dreams. “Perhaps he didn’t even have a dream but always said those things to intimidate his fellows” I thought. But he always professed them, loud enough that even a deaf man will hear.

By and by, I fell in love with his persistent spirit. Through all the spite and jealousy he faced at home, he never deemed it fit enough to deter his dreams.

When I heard that my dear friend was in the pit, I sobbed and concluded that he would have given up on his fable of a dream which now seems almost impossible. But he didn’t see that wickedness and act of betrayal as enough threat to stop seeing the possibility of his dreams.

Walking through that desert, though bound up like a prisoner, Rachael’s first born still saw himself in that high place he always dreamed of. This made me fall in love the more with his spirit.

One basic fact that surprises me most about Benjamin’s brother in his pursuit and in his journey towards the fulfillment of his dreams is that “he never rebelled and he did well in all his service; in everything that was put in his care, he was fervent and he carried out his assignment diligently”.

Potiphar bought him and in a little while he knew he bought a priceless jewel. From a slave to the lord of the house and he still didn’t see this as his dream come true, He saw something greater.

Right there in his new life as a mini-lord in Potiphar’s house, he faced temptation with his Master’s wife.

You can use your imagination to picture what Mrs. Potiphar will look like. Fine maidens were married off to important personnel in those days and with her position, she has all it takes to maintain her beauty. I know she would have felt intimidated when Joseph rejected her offer that’s why he made him pay for making her feel bad.

In this modern day, if your boss wife ask you for a moment of fun, most youths see it as a shortcut to greatness. No wonder they don’t get anywhere near the top. This is the opportunity most guys will grab without a blink. You adhere to her wish and she’ll treat you well in return…but in the process, you loose your value, standards, dreams, integrity…you loose just everything that should take you to greatness, and you loose your soul!

Mrs. Potiphar was no match to deter Joseph dreams once again. He knew the path he was heading to and Mrs. Potiphar’s beauty wasn’t on that track.
This led him to the prison and you might think it is over for him? Not at all… Every challenge always led him to another bitter challenge, but he didn’t see reasons to relent.

In the prison, he was the lord of everyone yet again. This made me believe more in his persistent spirit.
By and by he was doing his things in the prison and I believe he prayed always. Did I tell you he could interpret dreams? He was that talented and filled with wisdom.

Those he helped forgot him and he was just there hoping for the manifestation of his dreams and God saw his faith and used a famine to his advantage. Who says nothing good can come out of a bad situation?

And the “not giving up spirit till my dreams come true” paid for him.

Some day soon, the sun and the moon and eleven stars bowed to him.
Joseph saw his future and worked towards bringing his dreams to life. No opposition or challenge and hatred was strong enough to make him loose sight of his dreams.

There are so many Joseph’s out there today, we have a dream, we have a purpose to fulfill, but we easily get blinded and distracted by challenges or what seems like a little breakthrough. We hardly have the insight to understand we are not there yet.

Taking the next step or being fervent in the little breakthrough we have at the moment seems so impossible, we are always trying to get there smoothly. But like the biblical Joseph, what if our paths are filled with puzzles that needs wisdom to be fixed?

The race is not to the swift nor the battle to the strong, it all requires wisdom to work towards our dreams and to never loose sight of it despite the pain and road block that makes it seem impossible.
You are here for a purpose, not until you see that dream come true, never relent and don’t you ever let go.
You can make it!
You will make it!
You are here for greatness!

Don’t let anyone or anything tell you otherwise..
Keep your head up and keep standing tall!



A believer who sees life in another dimension. I think more than I write. I write because I love to write and I hope to see a smile on every face.

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